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Ask a Spanish Teacher - Spanish Business Expressions?

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The Most Important Business Phrases You Need to Learn in Spanish

HSE University. Trending Courses. Fundamentos de la escritura. English for Business and Entrepreneurship. Top Rated Courses. Learn to Speak Korean 1. Teach English Now! Technology Enriched Teaching. English for Media Literacy. Second Language Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation. Second Language Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Get Certified to Teach English. To be more specific, there are million native speakers in 21 different countries where Spanish is the primary language.

Which languages should you learn?

Some of these countries are major players in global economy. Spanish is also one of the official working languages of the United Nations, alongside English and French. This translates to a global boom in Spanish-speaking residents , consumers and workers. What does all this mean? In many areas, face-to-face communication still tends to take precedence over digital communication. Considering the importance of face-to-face communication in Hispanic culture, Spanish-speaking employers and businesses will be overjoyed when anglophones put the time and effort to conduct business in Spanish.

Taking Care of Business: 7 Essential Spanish Words for Business Professionals – TakeLessons Blog

Lastly, for number 10, although oficina is acceptable and much easier to remember, despacho will be the variant used in Spain and some parts of Latin America. The above list is by no means a comprehensive list, but the words will come up in all sorts of professional dealings.

Ready to branch out beyond isolated vocabulary? Here are some useful phrases.

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Pass over some more flashcards, please. All these different word choices are valid, so feel free to choose and use the one you remember best and feel the most comfortable pronouncing! Many of the words above will be covered.

Now you have 45 new words in your business Spanish repertoire. Great, right? The lists above are guides to key vocabulary in general business and the three main industries occupied by English speakers, but knowing the words is simply a start. Below are 5 quick tips to ensure that you practice, properly pronounce and enrich your Business Spanish on a daily basis. Watch the news and listen to political and economic debates and speeches, especially by heads of state or economic ministers.

Read 1 newspaper article in the business section daily. Check out the business sections of the two most widely-read newspapers in the Spanish-speaking world:. Sign up for an online journal and read industry-related work reports and research. This is particularly helpful if you work in science, energy or technology sectors.

Online Spanish course

Read website content of companies working in your industry. You can start by reading the pages first in English and then in Spanish, or put them side-by-side and read them both simultaneously!

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  • The Most Important Business Phrases You Need to Learn in Spanish.

Lucky for English speakers, most Spanish-speaking companies have their company information translated into English. Do live mock interviews with Spanish-speaking friends to fill in fluency and vocabulary gaps. As you progress, jot down key phrases that fit with the way you express yourself to avoid sounding like a robot.