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Since the characters are within the bird multiple times, they were able to say many facts about each character without repeating. Chapters Chapters 5 — 6 pictures for oral assessment smaller version I tried some variations with these picture cards to be printed in color and laminated. The pictures can just be shown to the class, with the entire class adding descriptions to each picture. The pictures can be given one at a time to a group of 2 — 3 students, who describe the picture with as much detail as possible, and then pass the picture to another group. It was relatively easy for me to circulate and listen to their conversations to give them an informal speaking assessment.

They put an X on the pictures that they thought would not represent action in the chapter. After deciding, they turned the paper over and wrote 5 sentences about what they expected would happen in the chapter and then presented them to the class. Their ideas were certainly interesting!! I hope that something in this post may be useful to someone else.

If you are using this book, I would love to hear some of your ideas.

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Time is simply flying by this school year! We have dealt with some pretty unusual circumstances…. I opted for 2 mini assessments at the end of the book, both of which were completed by students when I was not in school. That makes the results, for me, even more amazing. They had one 45 minute class period to do this. Here are some examples:. The second mini assessment that started in class on a Friday, and it was due when I returned on Tuesday. There were four options for them, and they can be found in this document mini pbt choices revised.

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Here are some examples of the work that I received, from obviously artistic students as well as others for whom stick figures rock! I can not emphasize enough how fulfilling it is to use these novels. The students enjoy them, they feel good about what they are able to do, they feel successful, and their growth is obvious. Comprehensible input is definitely, for me, an excellent methodology. I am going to order the sequel to Robo en la Noche , Noche de Oro , because so many of them want to know what happens to the characters….

Parker and Ines, what does Makenna do….?. Because I will have many of them in Spanish IV next year, their opportunity to read the novel as part of our curriculum is not available we read La Llorona de Mazatlan , Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha , and hopefully La Hija del Sastre in level 4 …. Our thoughts for Level 3 next year include repeating Esperanza and Robo en la Noche as well as adding Blanca nieves y los siete toritos.

Snow days, snow days…. Even provides enough time to attempt to write another blog post! Teaching and planning Spanish III with a great colleague, Megan Matthews, the past few years, and we have really hit our stride. This is our second time with Robo; the first time we relied extensively on the wonderful resources of Cynthia Hitz, while creating some of our own.

This time around, we have added extensively to our supplementary activities. We have incorporated music, history, geography, culture, manipulatives, listening, speaking…. This is my wikipage with all of the resources that we have developed. You can click on the menu bar for the chapters; the work is in descending order, meaning that the oldest is on the bottom of the page.

After guessing, correctly, the students then worked with partners and laptops to develop a further base of knowledge with Primer Dia. If you visit my wikispace you will have access to the smartboards and other papers developed for the book. Additionally, I collect resources on my Pinterest board for Robo. I am sending everything to Carol Gaab for formal approval hopefully. We will take about 4 days to go through this material, break for Labor Day and come back ready to plunge into the school year.

This will be my 4th time teaching it; it has always been a popular novel and I have blogged about it extensively. My students become entranced by the legend, the music and all of the additional cultural aspects. This year I am excited to be adding the novel Frida by Kristy Placido for the first time. The original inspiration for this unit came from Kara Jacobs. I love this unit as my students explore their own goals and dreams and compare and contrast them with the stories of others both famous and ordinary. I find that this unit is an exceptionally creative unit for them.

Here is an example of what it looked like this past year. It does change from year to year, depending on the current fame of some individuals. The music for this unit is great, with past favorites including Vivir mi vida, No me doy por vencido, Creo en mi, La lista, No creo en el jamas and Celebra la vida.

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Along with a background unit on the Civil War in El Salvador, the movie Voces Inocentes and parts of Romero, this is an eye opening, thought provoking novel that my students invest in heavily. It helps that they have just finished exploring their own hopes, goals and dreams as they look at the lives of the characters in the novel. Term 4 Immigration will carry over into Term 4. This past year we were only in it about two and a half weeks because we had spent so much time with Vida y Muerte and Immigration.

The music in this unit, however, really draws them in: I will adjust the questions to a Spanish III level. Such a rich story with so many cultural components. The story is written essentially in present tense, but lends itself beautifully to past tense retelling.

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