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Cauchi-Santoro, Roberta. Studi e Saggi Firenze: Firenze University Press, Fenu Barbera, Rossana. Firenze: Leo S. Olschki Editore, Fiore, Teresa. Critical Studies in Italian America. Frisardi, Andrew, ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Via Folios New York, NY: Bordighera, Giuliani, Alfredo. I novissimi: Poetry for the Sixties. Edited by Luigi Ballerini and Federica Santini.

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Against Pisa. Section cancelled. ASF 22 July, III, circa c. Council against Pisans, Vanni Fucci Inf. Dante pretends he meets BL in Inf. The bulk of the MSS are of Li Livres dou Tresor and these are to be found as far apart as Madrid, Oxford and St Petersburg several, mainly fragments, later travel to the New World , and they can serve to demonstrate the currency of French, the lingua franca , in medieval Europe. The vernacular Italian works are limited for the most part to Italy. Indeed, Florence exhibits a paucity of Tresor manuscripts only one, Laurentian, Ashburnham , which came later to Florence, out of 88 elsewhere , but a multiplicity 55 out of of Tesoro MSS in Italian.

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Dante in Inferno XV. A discussion of the illuminations of the two languages and nations result in different styles and conventions. However, it appears that BL had access to Italian scribes in Arras in northern France where the Lombard community was vigorous during this period, so that there are manuscripts in Picardan French with French illuminations but in the Bolognan libraria script of MS Bb. Many of the earliest and best Italian manuscripts of Rettorica , Ethica , Tesoretto and Tesoro are likewise in this script.

The Rettorica translates Cicero, De inventione , and its medieval commentaries, while Tresor gives a more practical version, partly from Ad Herennium. Thus BL twice wrote on the subject of rhetoric. Maggini C. The manuscripts usually include diagrams.

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This coulde be Ugo Spina. Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale, II. Maggini, Bolton Holloway. See De Robertis LbI , p. Paper MS, C. Maggini, De Robertis, Bolton Holloway.