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Based on the half-life of iron, any atoms originating from the formation of Earth would have completely decayed by now. Koll therefore assumes that the iron in the Antarctic snow originates from the interstellar neighborhood, for example from an accumulation of gas clouds in which our solar system is currently located. If the gas cloud hypothesis is correct, then material from ice cores older than 40, years would not contain interstellar iron," adds Koll.

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Antarctic Snow Travels around the World The first evidence of the occurrence of iron on Earth was discovered in deep-sea deposits by a TUM research team 20 years ago.

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Interstellar Fe60 in Antarctica. ScienceDaily, 20 August Stardust in the Antarctic snow: Iron discovery in the Antarctic provides information on the environment of solar system.

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Retrieved November 9, from www. The distance between the cosmic rays' The scientists found Below are relevant articles that may interest you. ScienceDaily shares links with scholarly publications in the TrendMD network and earns revenue from third-party advertisers, where indicated. Boy or Girl?

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Living Well. View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:. If you like Stardust, you may also like:. Derelicts by Carbon Based Lifeforms. Simply amazing music! My favourite album by them.

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Meridian by Ascendant. The overall languid calm resulting in a transcendent listening experience makes this LP especially appealing.

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The tone of the album from start to finish invites the listener to give in and release their imagination as they enter on this celestial journey. Spellbinding with gorgeous Berlin School touches make for an exceptional ambient listen. Ascendant has done a superb job with this release. Highly recommended. Gary Figueroa. Frames of Silence [24 bit] by Unusual Cosmic Process. Voiceless by Atariame. More beautifully haunting music from the Not Not Fun label, the sound of drifting peacefully through the cosmos. A stunning ambient experimental album from Swedish composer Dag Rosenqvist, available as a limited-edition CD.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 4, Liminal by Liminal. Stardust by Eguana. CoryRay Following his foray into the futuregarage genre with his Expectation album and drone with Flashback , Eguana returns full-force to the psybient scene with Stardust. And as much as I loved Expectation, I do believe he has topped himself again here.

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Lush and ethereal, this is a perfect album for inner journeys or exotic travels. Tough to pick a favorite track - they're all fantastic. I can hardly keep up with all these great releases lately! Favorite track: Turkish Sky. Andrew Young.

Noah Kali. Tony Le Runigo Buddhasmoke. Bernard Poulard. Richard Hodgkins. Eric Ghost. Phred Defluxo.

Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders (Autographed)

SolEye aka Kalifer. Arun Gopinath. Tago Mago. Carl Franke. Neon Jesus.